Daniël Koster

Senior web developer, internet enthusiast

Hi! I'm Daniël Koster, living in Groningen, The Netherlands.

I like fixing broken stuff, making sure systems are running smoothly, and have an interest in application monitoring and security. In my professional life I am a senior web developer at iWink, working on our Content Management System, Kirra. Together with my team, I make sure our CMS keeps working, is being optimized, and improved with new features. When I'm not at work I like watching TV shows, listening to music, cooking fancy food and developing side-projects. Most of the time I am working in PHP or Python. My favorite code editor is vim. I'm a fan of the Oxford comma, or any comma in general.

Occasionally I host small LAN-parties for ~8 friends. So far we've done this 38 times in roughly 10 years, for a total time of over 1.000 days combined.

If you would like to contact me, you can send an email to ln.retsokleinad@ih. You can also find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.